Looking for ways to get involved?

Here are a few things that might interest you:

  • Fundraising: Whether we’re looking for sponsors for our special events or service support, there’s always a need for individuals who can help us with that.
  • Community Outreach: Become a champion for prevention and our agency to help expand our reach. Talk with your local schools, faith-based organizations or community groups about our services today
  • Professional Board Membership: Join our Board of Directors. We’re looking for individuals who are passionate about prevention to join our board. We need a number of skillsets on the board, including marketing, fundraising, non-profit finance, development, etc. We’d love to hear about what you could bring to the table! Please note that there is a $500 “give or get” expectation for board membership; this means that you could choose to donate this amount personally or recruit donations from others amounting to $500 per year.

Fill out the form below to become a volunteer and we will contact you shortly.