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Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grants

Through Federal block grants, we are able to provide FREE substance abuse prevention education services in Cabarrus, Davidson, Mecklenburg, Rowan, Stanly, and Union counties. We provide a variety of evidence based programs for elementary, middle and high school students; parenting classes; one-time educational talks for children and parents; and tobacco merchant education to help reduce youth access to tobacco products. Through collaboration with other prevention and intervention agencies across the counties, we provide services that best serve the local communities.

FREE Programs

Youth Evidence-based Programs

HALO: an evidence-based, developmentally appropriate
health education and prevention program from 3-6 year-old

unique YOU: an evidence-based self-esteem program for
3rd and 4th grades.

Project Towards No Drugs: an effective drug abuse
prevention program that targets senior high school-age youth.

Safe Dates: an evidence-based dating violence prevention program for middle and high school students.

Reconnecting Youth:  a peer group approach that teaches skills to build resiliency and control early signs of substance abuse and emotional distress.

Teen Intervene:  an intervention program that helps teens self-identify substance use issues and engages teens and parents in the intervention and referral.  Program is designed for middle and high school students.

Pilot Youth Leadership Program
Learn to Lead: a program aimed at establishing leadership
among youth. Program focuses on developing youth’s skills in
the area of self-understanding, leadership, and substance use

Parent Evidence-based Programs
Guiding Good Choices: a science-based, proven alcohol, tobacco and other drugs prevention program that gives parents the skills they need to ensure the future well-being of their children.

One Time Talks
Tobacco Education (Middle/High School)
Underage Drinking (Middle/High School)
Healthy Relationships (Middle/High School)
Self-Esteem Building (Middle/High School)
Decision Making and Commitment (Middle/High
Safe Homes (Parents)

Fee for Service Programs

Online Education

3rd Millennium Classroom:  an online platform that provides prevention modules on alcohol, marijuana, and drug use. These modules can be completed as part of a mandatory drug education sanction or as a voluntary educational opportunity. The course fee is $100. Courses offered:
• Under the Influence – an online ALCOHOL
education course for ages 18 and OLDER
• Alcohol-Wise JV – an online ALCOHOL education
course for ages 17 and UNDER
• Marijuana 101 – an online DRUG education course
for ages 18 and OLDER
• Marijuana 101 JV – an online DRUG education
course for ages 17 and UNDER
• Parent-Wise – an online companion course for
parents whose child is enrolled in an alcohol or drug
education course.

For a complete listing of available programs, click here.

For program details or to schedule your classes:
Yelena Yeremuk – Block Grant Manager
704.375.3784 ext. 4650

Partnership for Success

The Center for Prevention Services houses 3 of the 13 North Carolina counties to receive Partnerships for Success funding- Cabarrus, Davidson, and Rowan. The purpose the Partnerships for Success grant program is to address the non-medical use of prescription drugs among persons aged 12 to 25. The PFS grant program is intended to prevent the onset and reduce the progression of substance misuse and its related problems while strengthening prevention capacity and infrastructure at the state, tribal, and community levels

The PFS program builds upon the experience and established prevention infrastructures of states to address one of the nation’s top substance abuse prevention priorities in communities of high need. The program is based on the premise that changes at the community level will, over time, lead to measurable changes at the state level. By working together to foster change, states and their PFS funded communities of high need can more effectively begin to overcome the challenges underlying their substance abuse prevention priorities and achieve the goals of PFS. Strategies to achieve improved outcomes include:

-Deployment of evidence based community-wide prevention programs

-Working with schools to provide prevention programming for middle school, high school, and college age students

-Educate parents, teachers, faith leaders and other adult leaders

-Lock Your Meds media campaign and other community awareness strategies

-Increase proper practices surrounding medication, including storage and disposal

The Partnership for Success team is eager to work with any and all interested partners to provide free trainings and resources tailored to community needs. Our team is divided such that there is one representative for our three counties. Amy Riecken  is the Program Manager and the Rowan County representative, Neetu Verma is the Cabarrus County representative, and Deanna Ryder is the Davidson County representative. This is an epidemic that is far reaching and affects everyone in the community so please join us in our efforts!