Portraits of Prevention

When substance abuse prevention works, there’s no “after� portrait – just a constant “before� and “now� image of proof that stopping drug and alcohol abuse and substance addictions before they have a chance to start really does make a difference.

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"I have always found the Center for Prevention Services (by any other name also) to be a very collaborative agency. As an agency you have been involved in just about any important prevention activity I can think of in the community. It is always a pleasure to work with you." ~ Agency partner

"The philosophy and theory on which the CPS programs are based incorporate authenticity and integrity, and youth discover and strengthen these attributes in their interactions with others. The curricula focus on skills for healthy living and are not only easy to teach but engage youth in the learning process. It is so exciting to see CPS grow and expand services. They are truly on the cutting edge of prevention." ~ Service recipient

"I am writing to express my gratitude for the space in which Prevention Services allows the nurses' in recovery support group to meet each Wed. evening. As you may know, North Carolina does not have many resources in place for nurses in recovery and since moving to NC over 15 years ago, I have found this group to be a tremendous support. I have been fortunate to witness many nurses start their recovery journey in your facility. It is a joy for us to find out that we are not alone. You will never know what a huge service having a safe and healing environment has been to so many. Thank you so much and God bless you." ~ Community member

Quotes from the children in one of our programs:

"I liked when we read the Fuzzy Book and gave each other warm fuzzies." ~ Tori, 10yrs old

"I liked the I'm Special Chair. It made me feel real good!" ~ D.M., 9 yrs old

"Thank you for taking time out to talk to us about healthy and unhealthy ways to treat our bodies." ~ M.W., 11 yrs old

Prevention where you need it


Preventative services for schools, organizations, and groups.


Preventative services for family and teen drug and alcohol abuse.


Services for creating a Drug Free Workplace.

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