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Our Services

Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grants
Through Federal block grants, we are able to provide FREE substance abuse prevention education services in Cabarrus, Davidson, Mecklenburg, Rowan, Stanly, and Union counties. We provide a variety of evidence based programs for elementary, middle and high school students; parenting classes; one-time educational talks for children and parents; and tobacco merchant education to help reduce youth access to tobacco products. Through collaboration with other prevention and intervention agencies across the counties, we provide services that best serve the local communities.

Fee for Service Programs
We offer a variety of information presentations to local organizations and businesses. Topics include:

Parenting Piece by Piece
M.A.D.E. Anger Management
Conflict Resolution
Self-Esteem Building
Discovering Your Dreams (Goal Setting)
Decision Making and Commitment

Fee schedule:

1 – 1 ½ hour talk/workshop$200 (+expenses) Non-profit rate
$300 (+expenses) Business & Industry rate
2 hour talk/workshop$300 (+expenses) Non-Profit rate
$350 (+expenses) Business & Industry rate
Half day (3 - 4 hours) talk/workshop$400 (+expenses) Non-profit rate
$500 (+expenses) Business & Industry rate
One day (5 – 6 hours) talk/workshop$700 (+expenses) Non-profit rate
$800 (+expenses) Business & Industry rate

For a complete listing of available programs, click here.

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Partnership for Success


The Partnership for Success (PFS) program works to educate and unite communities to prevent prescription medication misuse and abuse. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention named prescription medication abuse as an epidemic. Our aim is to raise awareness and address environmental factors for prevention and sustainability in Cabarrus, Rowan and Davidson counties.

Lock Up Meds

Three avenues that we use to address non-medical use of prescription drugs include education, safe disposal, and provider outreach. Through education, we work in partnership with schools and community organizations to educate youth, families and professionals on how to prevent unintentional poisonings. We also work to reduce easy access to medications by working with pharmacies, hospitals, senior programs, and other service providers to promote safe disposal practices in the community such as hosting medication take back events and promoting drop boxes. Through provider outreach we link service providers with the medication safety resources and trainings. These three provide just a snapshot of the wide range of activities we do in to make our communities safer.

The Partnership for Success team is eager to work with any and all interested partners to provide free trainings and resources tailored to community needs. Our team is divided such that there is one representative for our three counties. Amy Riecken ( is the Program Manager and the Rowan County representative, Neetu Verma ( is the Cabarrus County representative, and Deanna Ryder ( is the Davidson County representative. This is an epidemic that is far reaching and effects everyone in the community so please join us in our efforts!

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AlianzaABC LogoAlianza

The Latino Drug Free Community Coalition, called Alianza, originated with the Center for Prevention Services (CPS) in Charlotte, NC July 2014.

Local and State data show the major population increase within the Latino community that has occurred over the past decade. Despite the substantial influx of this minority group into the Charlotte’s metro and surrounding areas, sadly the level of services required to meet the increasing needs has remained static.

With the support of Center for Prevention Services and intensive work and alliances built from seven years as the Latino Program Director, Alba Sanchez utilized her community contacts from several sectors to form the initial membership of Alianza. The membership includes leaders in our Latino community. These are the type of individuals who are plant the seeds of progress in the Latino community across several different areas. They know and understand their community’s challenges, particularly because many of them have served in Charlotte for the last 10-15 years. Some of them have experienced personally the challenges faced by immigrants and as a result they are dedicated, honest, and responsible contributors to the betterment of Latino lives in our city, county and state. The first official meeting of the Alianza was conducted in July 1st, 2014 and the enthusiasm each member brought to the session made it very clear that this was the right group, and finally the right time, to create a Latino-focused substance use prevention coalition. Since that initial gathering in July 2014 the Alianza has utilized the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) model to guide their planning sessions.

MembershipMembership has increased from the original five members to 80 (adults and youth) from different sectors. New relationships have been established such as those with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, Alcohol Law Enforcement, Latino churches, many Latino business, etc. as our community has eagerly come together to support the work we do to keep our youth healthy. Alianza holds several events to build community awareness about the value and need for substance use prevention, such as “Take Back Medicine day” which helps families safely dispose of unused prescription medications; the Latino Substance Use Prevention Summit which educates community members and teaches them how to advocate for wellness; the Sticker Shock Campaign which focuses on preventing alcohol sales to minors; Coordination with Latino festivals to reduce /prevent underage access to alcohol; Alcohol Awareness Month events, etc.


Vision: “Alianza’s vision is to create a healthy, aware, and drug-free community for Latino youth. “

Mission; Alianza will provide environmental prevention, education and alternative activities in a family oriented, inclusive manner that addresses mind, body and spirit in order to inspire change for youth, families and communities.

Feel free to contact our Latino Program Manager Alba Sanchez for more information and ways to support “The Latino Drug Free Community Coalition, Alianza”

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