What is Unique YOU?

unique YOU® is a substance abuse prevention program for 3rd and 4th graders. The primary goal of the program is to develop and nurture each child’s sense of uniqueness and self-worth. It further enhances the protective and resiliency factors of children by teaching them appropriate ways for dealing with feelings; steps for making decisions; and skills for healthy living, effective group interactions, and resisting drugs, as provided through the program’s “no use” message. The program is administered by experienced facilitators through eight 50- to 60-minute group sessions, which are designed to be enjoyable for children and include a variety of hands-on activities.

To become a trained facilitator, an individual with group leadership experience (e.g., a teacher, youth leader, counselor, prevention specialist) is recommended to complete a 2-day training. unique YOU® has been implemented with both universal and at-risk populations in school classrooms and in after-school settings as well as with youth groups (e.g., clubs, Scouts). Progam is available in English and Spanish.

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  • unique YOU® manual (includes CD-ROM with student worksheets) – $299
  • 1 Day Facilitator training – $4,000 plus trainer travel related expenses (10 person minimum, 24 maximum)
  • 2 Day Training of Trainers- $8,500 plus trainer travel related expenses (10 person minimum, 24 maximum)
  • Technical assistance available- contact for details(Manual and training available in both English and Spanish)

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